About Brimstone Baths

Nature is Luxury™ Not everyone has quick and easy access to a sulfur mineral hot spring, that's why I created Brimstone Baths™ Sulfur Mineral Hot Spring Tea. Turn the water in your bath tub into a sulfur mineral hot spring and enjoy the anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating benefits from your bathroom spa. The formula is based on the mineral compositions of hot springs from around the world, especially the ratio of minerals found in Desert Hot Springs, California. Dehydrated rose pedals are added for its mineral content, the Vitamin C converts the chlorine in tap water to salt. The tea bags are made out of biodegradable and compostable corn fiber, and packaged in compostable corn fiber PLA plastic. Each bag is hand gilded with 24k pure gold. Wrap the twine tea bag strings around your bath tub faucet and brew a bathtub full of rose water, minerals, and gold. The teabag tags are homemade from recycled paper and plant matter, with wildflower seeds added to grow once the package has been buried and watered. This product re-mineralizes the earth and adds no waste. Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of the ultimate bath, and indulge with out the harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances commonly found in bath products.